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I consider myself to be a roots therapist. You probably have already tried to find new "coping skills" before. They probably helped for a little while but you were left frustrated that you didn't get the results you expected. That is why I have honed my skills to ask the right questions and guide you to the roots of what you are experiencing. I help you work through those hard experiences you have had to the point that they don't bother you anymore. I bring understanding and clarity to the thought patterns and behaviors that you just can't seem to change. We work together to make sense of what you are experiencing and to create a new path for your future.  


Throughout my career I have worked with a variety of diverse populations in different settings. My skill set and expertise have been developed for the type of client I work the best with. My clients are typically women in their 20's 30's or 40's struggling with high functioning anxiety and/or depression. In fact they may not even realize they struggle with these things because they use terms like "overwhelmed"and "stressed". My clients are highly motivated to change. They are ready to dig in deep and get to the roots (although they may be a bit nervous to be that vulnerable). They want lasting change. 

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All my sessions are done online. In fact I was doing online sessions before it was the thing to do :) Online sessions help take out some of the hard parts about first getting into a therapist. Instead of taking the time to drive both ways + session time you are simply clicking a link and having session.
As I have worked with clients online I have also noticed that it is easier and quicker for them to open up and be vulnerable. Part of making progress in therapy is feeling safe and comfortable enough to be vulnerable. When you are in your own home (possibly wearing sweatpants) feeling safe seems to come more naturally.